We proudly endorse Eminence drivers and Whirlwind cables.  We have used both manufacturers since we started and both make our jobs much easier knowing the level of quality and reliability.

With technology as readily available as it is these days, it seems that more and more people are turning their back on talent or skill and opting for the easy way out.  We see and hear of bands using backing tracks, sequences and samples in their live shows.  Some are even going as far as using vocal pitch correctors and artificial harmonies.  We take far more pride in ourselves than that and refuse to cheapen our shows with those sorts of gimmicks or crutches.  Our shows are 100% real and everything is played live, and we will always keep it that way.  Technology is a wonderful thing, but taking pride in one’s craft far surpasses it.  Mirage, keeping live music alive since 1997... 

Our Guarantee

Mirage was created in 1997 from a mix of very different musical backgrounds and styles.  This diversity, along with the strongest of friendships, has lead to an end result that goes much deeper than just a sound; it is just as much an emotion. These different styles brought together produce a very entertaining musical mix.

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